What we do


Barker-Mill Estates is committed to investing in local communities where the Barker-Mill family have owned land for generations. After 500 years, the family is very aware of its legacy and the ongoing vision it has to help make areas in and around Hampshire better places to live, work and spend time.


Community Investment

The Barker-Mill Foundation was established in 1995 from funds provided by members of the Barker-Mill family in memory of their late father and grandfather, Peter Barker-Mill. The Foundation mainly makes donations to local charities, schools, organisations and individuals needing support, primarily in south west Hampshire. See here for an overview of the donations that the Foundation has made to local communities The Foundation has given substantial funding to hundreds of organisations in South West Hampshire, in some cases enabling the refurbishment and redevelopment of headquarters and offices, as well as funding local medical research and various school projects to name a few.

Barker-Mill Estates is also committed to responding to wider local community needs. For example, it has worked with the Marchwood Parish Council and various other community groups to launch the Marchwood to Totton Cycle Route. There was a local requirement to provide a strong, safe alternative transport link for cyclists between Marchwood and Totton, and Barker-Mill Estates was pleased to provide the land to make this a reality. The 2-kilometre-long cycle path is set well away from heavy-vehicle traffic on Bury Road and is a welcome feature to both the residents of Marchwood and those who travel to work there.

Managing of the Estates

Managing wide areas of land near Southampton and in the New Forest National Park, Barker-Mill Estates has worked with numerous parties on projects to create both residential developments and commercial properties.